Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twitter vs Facebook

According to a college newspaper I was just browsing, there are two types of students—those who use Facebook, and those who use Twitter, and “when the second type of student communicates with the first type, it’s like a teenager talking with their grandparents.” This suggests that I, who don’t use either media, am probably somewhere close to death, at least as far as social networks go. Which is fine, really—being archaic is always relative, and blogging from beyond the grave may be one of the last frontiers left to us. I’m imagining a great B-movie about it, but the college editorial was no doubt right: the idea sounds dated already. Much better: To Sleep, Perchance to Tweet, or maybe The Undiscovered Keyboard . . . "The Network from Whose Botnet No Twitterer Returns"

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